Are wildlife documentaries the reality of wild or painted pictures?

Are wildlife documentaries the reality of wild or painted pictures?


We all have fond memories of watching the fight between animals, a lion, and a leopard chasing the rabbits, knowing the world of the unknown, the battle, the love, the survival, the apprehension, the breathtaking moments of wildlife

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Do these wildlife documentaries show the real picture or a staged one?


Is wildlife always such a mess? Or is this the climax that we see? Are those breathtaking movements real or just edited, or created in such a manner that we get a dopamine release?


We all are aware that our forests and biodiversity are suffering. The environment is deteriorating loss of habitat and a very high rate of extinction. The whole forest is somehow disappearing and that leads to a growing distance between children and the radiant world of wildlife.


This wildlife documentary can be a connecting point where the younger generation gets to know about their surroundings which made the path of the high rate of wildlife documentaries.


Nowadays plenty of documentaries are made which raise the question of authenticity, realism, and the true picture of wildlife.


Initially, the documentaries are telecast, then innumerable channels on television started to show wildlife but the emergence of social media kick-started the business of wildlife documentaries at a very fast-paced people are sharing cute-looking pandas and fearless leopards on social media. These days awareness about the environment and environmental protection is also rising which leads to more interest in wildlife.


Again the question of reality and the painted pictures arises. Are those documentaries showing us the unbiased true reality of wildlife or are also running behind trends on social media? Like, dislike and the views? Only rabbits, polar bears, and pandas taking over social media? Are they the only animals in the wild?


The Ph.D. scholars from the University of Cambridge have a certain eye-opening study to showcase how biased a wildlife documentary can be, they made a list of documentaries made between 1918 to 2021. Furthermore, they reviewed every aspect of the documentaries like organisms, habitats, species, etc.


The result was showing that most of the documents are revealing the life of the wild, concentrating on biodiversity and even informing concerns about forests and wildlife. However, something more fascinating we found in that analysis, the documentary makers only focused on vertebrates, more than 81% of documentaries were filled with vertebrates (mostly mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes).


On the other hand, the mention of invertebrates(cold-blooded animals with no backbone such as protozoans, annelids, etc.) is less than 18%. The fact is those only part of 18% of documentaries are 75% in wildlife and those who occupied 81% of mentions are only 3.4% in wildlife.


Moreover, the showing of anteaters chasing ants and falling flat to show their life or showing the leopards chasing and preying always, paints a picture that they are famished animals who consume all-day long.


Instead of showcasing the dopamine hike documentaries the producer can create a realistic picture of the natural world while developing awareness among the public.







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Cyber Security at Schools

Cyber Security at Schools

Cyber Security at Schools

We are living in the 21st century, where everything is online after the COVID-19, millions of students are forced even the young ones to leave their school life and be part of an online community. the entire earth was transferred to an online world, and studies, marketing, entertainment, gaming, etc, became casual, and going out, to schools, and offices came to be a silent place. Although theoretically, it may sound astonishing it created a huge chaotic world of cyber attacks, especially for schools.


Technology based schools

More than 1 billion students are away from school during the COVID era, which can be seen as a promising or harmful both.

Most of the schools started to integrate ICT ( Information and Communication Technologies ) in their method to provide valuable education. However, the more the technology the more threats from technologies. According to a survey of US Public Schools, cybersecurity incidents tripled in 2019. Most of the cyber attacks were on the data of students and educators, and some cases of ransomware attacks were seen.

Subsequently, online-based education or remote learning evolves, and nowadays, many courses and schools are opening which just provide remote education. Another survey was conducted by US Public Schools, which claimed that more schools are opening based on the idea of online education.


Cyber attacks and Cyber security

As we can witness, more learners are spending most of their time online, attending classes, doing their homework, playing mobile games, chatting with friends online, and sending and uploading their pictures on social media platforms. Furthermore, we cannot extract the internet from students' lives despite that making them secure online should be a priority.


Major threats


Cyberbullying: cyberbullying is quite common harassment that young ones can encounter online It's a type of bullying using electronic means, The National Center for Education Statistics, published a report where that talked about 15% of students got bullied via messages during 2016-2017, on the other hand, female student 21% as male students 7% are victims of cyberbullying.

Hate speech: these can be a form of comments based on colour, facial attributes, lifestyle, religion, and caste, which can lead to an inferiority complex.

Vulnerability to inappropriate content: the internet is filled with filthy content and young minds can be distracted by such content.

Online predation: it's a way to use social media, online gaming, and another form of social networking to make contact with young people via message and then sexually abuse them.


How can we save them from online threats?

Cyber security is significant in the age of the internet although the surroundings where the student is coming from also matter, when they feel vulnerable they reach online communities or people away from judgment to seek resources. The composition of supporting school educators and households can also safeguard students from this kind of cyber invasion.

Resources provided by schools to students regarding their online safety.

The engagement of school teachers and families of students creates a more positive and open environment for students to grow and communicate.

Education regarding online threats, online safety, cyberbullying, and sexting should be provided by schools. Apart from cybersecurity schools should put together a shield for learners where mental health, physical health and development of character are key.





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Best Economics Essay Topics to Make a Great Paper (Write that essay , essay rewriter)

Best Economics Essay Topics to Make a Great Paper (Write that essay , essay rewriter)

It's definitely a good thing that you've chosen to read this page for some inspiration for your forthcoming economics essay if your sole thought when you hear the word "economy" is that you need to get to your neighbourhood warehouse shop to get another economy-size container of cheese puffs.

Wipe that glittering cheese dust off your hands, and then let's look at 10 economics essay themes to get you going on your paper.

Demand and supply

An outstanding illustration of supply and demand is the price of gas. Due in part to the high demand from summer travellers, gas prices frequently increase in the summer. However, if prices increase too much, demand decreases, there is a glut of gas, and prices often drop.

You might create an informative essay to simply explain the supply and demand of a product if you're writing on supply and demand. You could also make the case in an argumentative essay that supply should vary depending on the market.

NBA Ticket Demand and Supply in Economics

An examination of supply and demand in the babysitting industry Economics: Gasoline prices and supply and demand

Economy and culture

Several cultural groups and their effects on the economy can be the focus of a conversation about culture and economics. Or the conversation can centre on a certain demographic (like millennials) and how they impact the economy. SourceEssay essay rewriter can help you.


You've probably spent a fair amount of money on goods during your life. So, one of those articles in which you can incorporate personal experiences is one about consumerism. Maybe you could even talk about your spending habits and how they have changed your life.

Essay examples:

Understanding American culture's new consumerism

An examination of the economy and the role of consumerism in the United States in the 1950s following World War Two.

Historical perspective

A thorough account of a certain time period could be the format of a historical analysis of economics essay (and its impact on society).

An overview may alternatively concentrate on a single aspect of the economy (such interest rates or technology) and chart its evolution over time.

Essay examples:

a description of its history

The economy of Brazil

Chinese economics

American economy from 1861 to 1877


Another subject that is appropriate for a cause and effect essay is immigration.

You might take into account the effects of immigrants (legal or illegal) on an entire nation, a single region, or a single city. Or you could think about how immigration have affected a particular industry, like farming.

Another course of action is also an option. Discuss the effects on the economy of a country where immigration is prohibited. You could also talk about the consequences of current immigrants leaving the country.

An example essay

The United States' economy and illegal immigration

Trade regulations

Write on how trade policies affect one country if you're writing about them. You may also try contrasting the approaches taken by the governments of two or three distinct nations.

Essay examples:

Overview of the Economy and Trade Policy of Argentina

Interest rates

Have you ever used your credit card to make a purchase and then the following month checked your bill to see how much interest you were paying? (It causes discomfort. Pay off your credit cards as soon as possible!

Your understanding of how interest rates can impact purchases in a larger company may be aided by your personal experience with credit card interest rates. It might also make it clearer to you how and why interest rates fluctuate.

Have a fantastic idea for an essay on interest rates but are having trouble finding the right phrases to use? See 4 Tested Strategies to Prevent Writer's Block From Destroying Your Essay.

Essay examples:

An examination of the likelihood that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates


Everyone is impacted by recessions. If you have acquaintances who have experienced one or more recessions, their perspectives may be exactly what you need to give your research a local flavour.

Do you need some suggestions for creating a survey for your economics essay? For your paper, read How to Write Perfect Survey Questions.

An example essay

A Discussion on How the Most Painful Effect of the Economic Recession Is Unemployment


Writing an economics essay does not require you to use all of the ten-dollar terms you learned in class to impress your professors. Additionally, you shouldn't add those words only to make up the required number of words.

Once you've decided on one of the aforementioned subjects for your economics essay, look through these tools to guide your word choice:

The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Words for Your Essay

Why Wordiness Is So Important to Avoid in Your Essay

How to Become a Better Writer: Don’t Use Words That Sound Smart

Remember that Kibin editors are available to assist you with word choice and any other essay-related issues. You can now avail Write that essay from SourceEssay.

The Significance Of In-Text Referencing (Literature Review Help, My assignment help, essay help)

The Significance Of In-Text Referencing (Literature Review Help, My assignment help, essay help)

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An academic writing project such as a thesis, essay, dissertation, manuscript, or report requires references to be inserted within the text. Readers are made aware of the information's source thanks to the in-text citations.

Format for In-Text Citation

The reader's preferred style, such as APA, will determine the right format for an in-text citation. Make sure the provided in-text reference is in the right format by checking with the academic institution. The in-text citation should be put explicitly in brackets after the paraphrased or quoted passage so that readers may quickly recognise it. In a few instances, the in-text cases are indicated with a superscript number, and the bibliography includes the appropriate number. For proper in-text citation students can avail Literature Review Help from SourceEssay experts.

In-text citations are seen to be crucial since they strengthen the paper's credibility and aid in avoiding plagiarism. There will be no way to verify the sources utilised in a research paper if there are no in-text citations.

  • They acknowledge the individual who is the information's main source.


  • -Using proper citation techniques might help you stay away from plagiarism.


  • The reader will be aware of where to check to confirm the accuracy of the data used.



  • When creating a paper, a lot of information is cited. In-text citation is utilised when using the following categories of information:



  • Numbers and percentages



  • -Exact paraphrases of someone else.



  • Facts that aren't considered common knowledge.



  • -The opinions of others


Attribution is a tool for fact-checking.

In any writing, accuracy is crucial, but it's crucial when we write about science. In order to double check a direct quote, establish the veracity of a paragraph you paraphrased, or cite a study that is connected to your own, you can simply hunt up a reference to verify your claims.

Citations aid in research excellence.


The capacity to spot patterns and draw connections, as well as paying close attention to detail, are some qualities that distinguish excellent research. Using citations correctly can assist with both. The accurate presentation of facts in your own article or other work, as well as the exact page numbers and author names, are all important components of effective source attribution.


Being meticulous in one area automatically instils good research habits somewhere else. Because of the large amount of information, it condenses into a small amount of time, creating a decent bibliography prepares you for this work (which is essential in scientific analysis).

Good citation techniques help you write better.

Good attribution practises create a strong foundation for that aim. We all aspire to produce that gorgeous paper where the prose is as fascinating as the content. When specific sources are cited for the numerous facts we provide, such as when the expressions "everyone knows" or "they say," are replaced, the hallmarks of intellectual laziness, imprecise thinking, and poor writing, such as generalisations, clichés, and outright incorrect assertions, are removed.

Your audience won't question your thesis if you accurately cite your sources. Citations also make it straightforward to use active language and hide your lack of engagement from journal editors and reviewers. When you cite properly, you might live eternally.

Citations allow for more accurate verification of your work.

Every piece of scholarly work is carefully scrutinised before being printed or uploaded online. No matter if you're a peer reviewer, editor, or editorial assistant whose only job it is to find sources in the bibliography and make sure the citations are correct, life is just simpler when there is less busy work to do. As a result, your work has a much better chance of passing these numerous rounds of editing with little criticism and favourable feedback if you previously took the time to accurately attribute your content and reference all of your sources. You can get My Assignment Help from SourceEssay to save reworks and needless worry.

Careful citation practises will raise your credibility as a scientist or academic.


This concept is a logical extension of the one that came before it. Showing off scholarship is really just the icing on the cake of what a highly cited work has to offer. A strong bibliography plays a deeper, more important role for scholars by fostering a writer's standing among other subject-matter authorities. The more supported your findings and arguments are, the more credible they will appear to your scientific colleagues.




It's best to cite ideas that are not your own as a general rule. It is crucial to provide credit where credit is due while conducting research and composing the report. Keep in mind that ideas might be copied, thus everything other than direct quotations needs to be properly referenced. -The opinions of others. SourceEssay essay help can assist you in mastering the skills of in-text citation so that you are able to deliver unique assignments well on time.