Heritage & Ecology-Led CLIMATE-SMART URBANISM (Denso Hall Rahguzar Walking Street)

Heritage & Ecology-Led

Denso Hall Rahguzar
Walking Street

Prototype for Urban Regeneration of Karachi’s 
Historic Core

Yasmeen Lari SI HI Fukuoka & Jane Drew Prize Laureate
Irshad Ali Sodhar BA (LSE) PAS

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Ar. Yasmeen Lari featured on an Episode of the Podcast, World Affairs.

Ar. Yasmeen Lari featured on an Episode of the Podcast, World Affairs.

Ar. Yasmeen Lari has been featured as a guest speaker with David Ireland, CEO of World Habitat and other leading personalities on the episode titled ‘Scaling Up: Local Solutions to End Global Homelessness’ of the podcast World Affairs to discuss the global housing crisis – its roots, its demands, and how it can be resolved. 

The episode can be accessed here: 


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Rehabilitation of historic Kharadar Chowk into a community garden.

Rehabilitation of historic Kharadar Chowk into a community garden.

News article on rehabilitation of historic Kharadar Chowk into an urban forest with community space by Heritage Foundation of Pakistan with the collaboration of Sindh Police, District Administration, KMC, KWSB, DMC, AC Arambagh.

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