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The Jewel of Sindh: Sama Monuments on Makli Hill

by Suhail and Yasmeen Lari

Yasmeen and Suhail have always been part of a small group of universally respected people in Pakistan. A lifetime of honest work has aroused genuine admiration for the architect-historian duo. Their earlier volume on Karachi has superseded all earlier work, and one has heard that they are preparing a volume on Lahore too. The reviewer is a great fan of Suhail’s ability to write history. Yasmeen’s expertise in cataloguing and describing architecture is wonderfully underpinned by Suhail’s grasp of the historical fact.
Khaled Ahmed, Friday Times, Jan 30 - Feb 5, 1998

What a source of inspiration and a treasure trove of design these photographs could be to the designer and artist! This beautifully produced book leaves one eagerly looking forward to its companion volumes on the other tombs of the Makli Hills funery group.
S K Rahmat Ali, Newsline, March 1998

A tour-de-force from two prominent Pakistanis who have done much to open our eyes to the valuable heritage - both archaeological and architectural - which we must protect for the benefit of the future.
Jeeva Haroun, She. January 1999

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The Dual City: Karachi During the Raj

by Yasmeen Lari and Mihail Lari

The Dual City: Karachi During the Raj is a monumental and comprehensive documentary on Karachi in all its aspects, and the first book of its kind to be published ... Encompassing a vast panorama of history, politics, architecture and arts and crafts illustrated with hundreds of maps, paintings and photographs (some rare and out of print), this volume is a must for schools, colleges, art and design institutions, reference libraries, clubs, and the intelligentsia. The authors have produced a tremendous piece of documentation which is destined to become a classic.
SK Rahmat Ali, Newsline, October 1996

Karachi’s best-known architect and conservationist Yasmeen Lari, together with Mihail Lari, has confirmed her good reputation by writing a high-quality historical and architectural history of the city of Karachi. It is a coffee-table volume with 400 rare illustrations, 144 of them in colour. Anything you ever wanted to know about the mega-city before 1947 is here, from Alexander’s legendary Krokola around 330 BC, the story of the British take-over in 1839, to stories behind all the landmark buildings.
Khaled Ahmed, The Friday Times, September 12-18. 1996

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