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32. Flood Blog by Ar. Yasmeen Lari - Disaster response strategy 1

The following are the details of Strategy I
Zero Carbon Villages Holistic model @ Rs. 42,800 per household.
This model is based on my Adopt-a-Village programme requiring fund raising by partner organizations.
a. Rights based zero carbon provision of one safe room,1 shared eco toilets, shared hand water pumps, shared solar lighting, earthen Pakistan Chulah stove.
b. Flood mitigation measures using earthen walls, earthen platforms, community forests, and bamboo barriers. In addition, water absorption mechanisms consisting of aquifer wells and aquifer trenches, porous pavements and soft ground surfaces.
c. Livelihoods based on barefoot enterprises for fulfilling the unmet needs of communities e.g., wall matting, roof thatching, brick making, briquettes and organic soap, low-cost terracotta products along with food items e.g., fish farming, chicken and goat breeding, nursery and plantations.
d. Provision of social franchises based on micro loans of Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 10,000 for setting up commerce driven barefoot enterprises for accelerated marketing of local products and produce.
Many of these villages, who are now secure with rights-based development along with sufficient earnings from Barefoot Eco Enterprises, they have become food secure and self-sufficient.
They have now become sufficiently trained and have now embarked on sharing their knowledge and skills as Barefoot Eco Entrepreneurs on a small fee. The model is labelled Champa model, as she is the one who proved the BASA principle of how sharing expertise and teaching other disadvantaged persons, however poor they might be, are willing to pay small remunerations for the assistance they received. The small amount of Rs. 200 as fee has demonstrated how so many of the BEEs in our holistic model villages have begun to earn large amounts within a few months.
Just as Champa and her husband Kanji have become millionaires, there are many budding millionaires in the offing, if we can make a success of my programme for Building Sustainable Eco Communities by Rehabilitating 1 million Households at a Time.
Flood Blogs
Disaster Response Strategy 1
by Yasmeen Lari
27 March 2023

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