Kodar School Inaugurated

Kodar School Inaugurated

The inauguration of the primary school at Kodar, Union Council Sachan Kalan, District Mansehra, NWFP, took place on 7th November 2007 at 12:30 pm on the premises of the school.

The event was well attended by over 600 children and several hundred local notables as well as teachers from the union council.

The event was arranged in the court/playground of the school, while a makeshift rostrum was placed in the veranda. The children sat on the floor covering. Some chairs were provided for guests, however, in view of the large number of people, many stood on the periphery of the ground.


                                   Views of assembly in the school yard.
The District Nazim, Sardar Yousuf, was the chief guest. Others who attended included the Executive District Officer (EDO) for Education, Project Manager, District Rehabilitation Unit (DRU) as well as District Officer Education and several other officials and notables of the area.

An exhibition of photographs was mounted on large boards, sent by Ms. Atifa Asghar, and was arranged at the top of the access road.

The ribbon cutting was carried out by the District Nazim at the school wicket gate erected at the base of the access road, when dua (prayer) for the success of the school was offered by those present.

                      Ribbon cutting by District Nazim (left) & speech by Yasmeen Lari (right).

following programme was organized:
- Recitation from the Holy Quran by a boy student
- Naat recital by a group of three girl students
- Welcome by Yasmeen Lari on behalf of NSN, Nokia and Heritage Foundation
- Speech by Mr. Shah Khan, Nazim, UC Sachan Kalan
- Speech by the EDO (Education)
- Speech by the District Nazim, Sardar Yousuf
- Distribution of shields and mementoes to KaravanPakistan employees and guests respectively.
- Tour of the school rooms by guests
- Distribution of 250 gram sweetmeats boxes and fruit drinks to children

In her welcome speech Yasmeen Lari, Chair, Heritage Foundation conveyed regrets of NSN and NOKIA representatives that in view of the emergency imposed in the country they had not been allowed to proceed to Kodar due to security reasons.

She outlined key activities accomplished in Kodar and Jabbar with special focus on livelihood programmes for women based on traditional crafts. The salient features of school construction with maximum utilization of traditional materials, improved local techniques and local labour as well as the effort in jointing the whole structure together for resilience and seismic resistance were described. The need for taking care of the school building and improved teaching methods were highlighted with a request to the Education Department to increase the number of local teachers.

The work jointly with the community in mountain pathways and reforestation with plantation of 15,000 saplings was highlighted. Discussions with ERRA regarding the design of health centre and the urgency for the community to provide land for its construction was explained. The importance of collaboration in rehabilitation of the old mosque was also underscored. The various programmes that have recently been undertaken were explained, including 10 kitchens for “Destiny Roti” (corn bread) initiative, 10 nos. one room KaravanGhar for widows and the disabled, and community latrines, the designs of which have been provided to the community and will be built under our guidance. The Jabbar villages programme that is in hand was also explained including mountain pathways, completion of school/community centre building, start of community heritage museum and rehabilitation of ancient Jabbar graveyard with community participation.

She also described the experiments being carried out for drying of vegetables and fruit with an experimental solar dehydrator chamber provided through a collaboration of Heritage Foundation and Pak Swiss Society. Experiments are being carried out for construction of cheap individual solar dehydrators which, if successful, could be used by each household.

She explained that the community needs to take pride in its heritage, crafts and traditions which, along with self-reliance, is the underlying principle for rehabilitation works undertaken by the NSN-Nokia-Karavan partnership. The partnership is determined to undertake only those works which ensure maximum participation by the community itself.

                                    District Nazim  speaking (left) & speech by EDO Education (right).

The District Nazim and EDO praised the comprehensive programme particularly the use of environmentally sustainable construction techniques, livelihood programmes for women and the underlying principle of self reliance adopted by NSN-Nokia-Karavan partnership. He exhorted the community to collaborate fully with the partnership for engaging in productive work for greater economic benefits and transformation of their area. The District Nazim was also appreciative of construction of a museum in Jabbar to foster pride within the community.

Mementoes commemorating the inauguration of the Kodar School were presented to KaravanPakistan staff in appreciation of their hard work to achieve the completion of this challenging project. Those presented mementoes by the District Nazim included Shifa, Raja, Nadeem Shah, Ishtiaq Ahmad, Naeem Shah, Ahmad, Sajjad, Faiz and Benaris. A memento of the occasion was presented by Yasmeen Lari to the District Nazim, EDO Education and Project Manager DRU (Mansehra). The function was conducted by Naeem Shah.

While taking the round of the building, the District Nazim, EDO and PM, DRU appreciated the design, quality of construction and the effort that had gone into its construction considering the extremely remote mountainous terrain of Kodar. The school furniture and the provision of computers were also greatly appreciated. The photographic exhibition with large number of photographs showing various stages of work and activities was also enjoyed by the participants. The work on solar food dehydration was also appreciated.

There was a general air of festivity and much enjoyment by the community.