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Nothing ignites your competitive beast like a good game of basketball, one of the world's most popular sports. As COVID-19 alert levels have thankfully decreased, many players are eager to return to the court, and their adoring fans are equally so.

Check out these ten of the best basketball games for Android and iOS, which are ideal for when you're stuck at home or need a quick break from virtual calls. (If you're looking for mobile games other than basketball, check out this list.)
Think The Sims, with avatars living out their fantasies in virtual communities—but this time, you get to customize your players and the locations where you play.

You begin as a newcomer in Basketball Stars. Then, in order to obtain access to more private courts, you must compete your way to the top by battling against the best players. Along the way, you can participate in rank matches and unlock special basketballs and outfits to improve your appearance and skills basket random.

Highlights: One of the game's key benefits is the ability to train yourself to become the next virtual basketball legend. Create your own avatar, train with the team, and shoot as many baskets as you can.