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Snow Rider 3D

The horrifying succession of unending empty chambers described in the iconic creepypasta The Backrooms have been recreated in a disturbing Minecraft design. The armory of block-based materials in Mojang's survival sandbox game have been exploited to replicate various actual and imaginary settings. While one player may have brought Super Bowl LVI's Sofi Stadium Snow Rider 3D to life in Minecraft, the game is capable of bringing to life far more unsettling surroundings.

The Backrooms is a fictional story that originated on 4chan and has a large maze of rooms with no clear exits. The original source of the creepypasta was a single photograph of the eponymous chamber, which in turn inspired several works of terrifying fiction based on the premise of an unwitting visitor wandering into a supernatural zone. Several The Backrooms-inspired found-footage horror films have made their way to the internet, with the expected result being the appearance of strange and often lethal occurrences inside the eerie locale. Like the famous Minecraft creepypasta Herobrine and the now-iconic Slenderman, the Backrooms seem to have entered the internet's ever-growing collection of terrible concepts.

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