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Zombie Tsunami

The primary objective in Zombie Tsunami is consuming the approaching citizens who are traversing the pedestrian pathways, while your collective of zombies undertakes an invasion of the urban thoroughfares. Upon commencing the game, the player will engage in a running activity alongside a solitary zombie. Over time, the individual's population will increase proportionally as their consumption of civilians intensifies. The gameplay exhibits a straightforward and compelling nature. The objective of geometry dash subzero 
is to consume a maximum quantity of sustenance while engaging with individuals on foot, so establishing a formidable collective of endearing undead beings. The game features user-friendly controls encompassing basic actions such as running, leaping, and evading potential objects that provide a risk of collision. In the process of expanding one's zombie horde, it is imperative to concurrently accumulate coins by traversing over pedestrians.

In the event of encountering an impediment or the incapacitation of some zombies, it is permissible, provided that the team retains a minimum of one functioning zombie. It remains possible to generate a fresh assemblage of zombies during the course of one's journey. However, in the event that all zombies are eliminated, the game will promptly conclude. There are numerous captivating elements that one should anticipate in a Zombie Tsunami. The game offers a plethora of over 300 tasks, accompanied by an array of captivating in-game bonuses and a substantial selection of upgrades. In addition, it is possible to acquire pets with zombie-like characteristics and harness their abilities to further expand one's dominion. Furthermore, it is worth noting that there is an option to engage in competitive gameplay with acquaintances, with the added possibility of consuming them, should one desire to do so.