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Interested in a Paris Vacation Guide?

Interested in a Paris Vacation Guide?

The city of Paris is unique. Culture, history, and natural beauty abound in abundance. People come to Paris to visit the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame, but the city's genuine charm lies in its streets. Here, the rhythms of everyday life play out: stylish mothers driving directions ride their kids to school on bicycles, creative types settle into cafes to sketch, and people of all ages wait patiently in the morning and evening to buy a fresh baguette from the corner boulangerie. It's probably much better than you expected, as despite Paris's strong cultural identity, the city is home to individuals from all over the globe who bring their own traditions and customs to the table. This is why seeing the city's most famous landmarks is not enough; you need to get out into the streets to get a feel for Paris's character and charm.

Walking the heights of Montmartre in pursuit of the best crepes or wandering the alleys of Belleville, a Chinese suburb dotted with trendy young Parisians and beautiful paintings, are both part of the Parisian experience. A cross-Seine excursion may lead you to the winding lanes of the Latin Quarter or a glass of wine at a café in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The unique atmosphere of this city may quickly absorb its visitors.

Read through our Paris travel guide to learn about some of our favorite places to eat, things to do, and accommodations while you're in the city. Spring and summer in Paris are ideal times to come since the weather is pleasant, the parks are full with people, and everything looks to be in order. Traveling in August, when most Parisians are on vacation, is a certain way to escape the crowds, however you should be aware that many businesses will be closed at this time. Despite the gloomy sky and chilly temps, Paris is beautiful year-round; all you need is an extra coat or two.

Trains are the most convenient (and frequently the quickest) means to travel inside a city. A one-way trip on the Paris metro or RER costs around $2, and there are stations all across the city. Prices for both single and multiple day passes begin at $14.

The bus system provides a fantastic, above-ground alternative to the metro in Paris. A single ride will set you back around $2, but it's the most cost-effective way to get between the city's most distant metro stops.

Taxis: G7 is an excellent alternative, since it takes credit cards and has its own app, and there are numerous taxi companies to choose from in Paris. Additionally, Uber is available in the French capital of Paris.

Car service: Use a service like Paris Black Cars or Blacklane if you'd rather plan your airport pickup in advance for peace of mind.