Topic: Trevor Lawrence sent the Jaguars to voic

Trevor Lawrence sent the Jaguars to voic

From the time the 2021 NFL Draft order was set, selection by the with the No. 1 overall pick was virtually a sured Tommy Sweeney Jersey save for some sort of act of God or major glitch on draft day. As it turns out, a hiccup as the Jags were on the clock created a few nervous moments as the club made the pick.In the Jaguars' YouTube Series , the team offered an inside look into their war room on draft day and a misunderstanding that held up their selection of Trevor Lawrence. Per rules, the Jaguars were Luke Tenuta Jersey not permitted to officially make their selection until seven of their 10 allotted minutes had pa sed. However, when the Jaguars eventually did call, Lawrence did not answer: The Jaguars gota voicemail recording, and his voicemail was apparently full. Lawrence eventually responded to the Jaguars after he was called directly by head coach Urban Meyer. released a video of their Draft night, turns Vernon Butler Jersey out that because the NFL required them to wait 7 minutes, they took their time to call . Once they tried it went to voicemail... 3 times They finally got in touch to draft him. Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) "We started calling and getting a recording," Jaguars owner Shahid Khan said in . "You're seeing that clock tick away and then let's try it again, get the recording. After about three tries, it's like you're over here nervous." While the Jaguars getting sent to Lawrence's voicemail makes for a funny story after the fact, Buffalo Bills Sleepwear Underwear the scenario put them at risk of a complete disaster that would have turned the 2021 Draft completely on its head. Such a fate befell the in 2003, when time ran out on them at the No. 7-overall pick after they were unable to orchestrate a trade while on the clock. Coincidentally, the Jaguars ended up being the benefactors, as they were bumped up Damar Hamlin Jersey to No. 7 and used the pick on quarterback Byron Leftwich.