Topic: The Chiefs are now saying that Alex Smit

The Chiefs are now saying that Alex Smit

On Jason Richardson Jersey Sunday, quarterback got beat up something bad against the , routinely taking hits big enough for . Smith was as a concu sion, but now the team says he never suffered one.On Monday, , trainer Rick Burkholder said Smith has been "asymptomatic" and didn't suffer a concu sion."That's what an unaffiliated neurological consultant believes, that's what team doctor Mike Monaco believes, that's what I believe now," Burkholder said. "He's been absolutely asymptomatic."During the game, Smith was removed once with a potential concu sion after taking Juan Toscano-Anderson Jersey a brutal hit while sliding. He pa sed the protocol, returned to the game and . He did not return and was replaced by backup . The reverse diagnosis is odd and certainly worth raising eyebrows over. However, the Chiefs appear to be handling this pretty well. For starters, they never brought Smith back into the game. "He was in the middle of the concu sion protocol, but we weren't going to return him in the same game," Burkholder said.And they're going to take this week and run Smith through the protocol to return as if he has a concu sion anyway. "We will go through the return-to-play protocol and see where he's Marquese Chriss Jersey at," Burkholder said. "Although we don't think he has a concu sion, we're going to be cautious and we're going to take him through all those steps before we put him back on the field just to be sure we're not mi sing anything."Smith was evaluated for a concu sion because he suffered a lacerated ear on a play where he got hammered by a defender and had his helmet bounce Draymond Green Jersey off the turf. Lacerated ear play for Alex Smith. Not sure if he should have been allowed to come back after this one. Really hope Smith recovers swiftly. Gary McKenzie (@Super_G_Chiefs) The play where Smith was removed for the rest of the game wasn't much different.How did the NFL allow Alex Smith to suffer TWO concu sions in one game? NFL Retweet (@NFLRT) If the Chiefs were just going full Officer Barbrady -- "Nothing to see here, people, move along now" -- it would be a big concern. But the Chiefs medical staff is being as cautious as they po sibly can, while also Shaun Livingston Jersey being up front about Smith's status.