Topic: Rob Gronkowski takes a swipe at Patriots

Rob Gronkowski takes a swipe at Patriots

Welcome to the Friday edition of the Pick Six newsletter!As someone who writes a newsletter for CBS Sports, I am contractually obligated to tell you that I will be spending my entire weekend watching CBS. Although that's what I do every weekend -- because I love CBS -- there's some added excitement this . If you want to follow our ongoing Masters coverage this weekend, .Of course, this isn't a a golf newsletter, it's an newsletter, so let's get to the NFL stuff. In the biggest news over the past 24 hours, the Brian Flores lawsuit took another turn when two more minority coaches made the decision to join Flores in the suit. We'll be taking a look at all the new details from the lawsuit, plus we'll be taking a look at some of the best draft picks of all time.As always, here's your weekly reminder to tell all your friends to sign up for the newsletter. All you have to do is . Alright, let's get to the rundown. 1. Today's show: NFL Draft needs for teams in the AFC South and NFC SouthThe will be kicking off in le s than three weeks, which means you're going to be hearing a lot from our draft analysts from now until the start of the draft on April 28. Two of those draft analysts -- Josh Edwards and Chris Trapa so -- joined Will Brinson for Friday's episode of the Pick Six Podcast and Dennis Schroder Jersey the three of them spent nearly an hour talking about draft needs for each team in the AFC and NFC South. One of those teams in the NFC South that the three guys talked about are the , who are one of the more intriguing teams in the draft. According to Trapa so, the Bucs' two biggest needs are up front."Offensive and defensive lines," Trapa so said when talking about Tampa Bay's biggest needs. "Even after trading for I still think they need to fill this need on the offensive line. ... They lost their guards with retiring and signing with the , so if Zion Johnson is there, I think that would be a home run."It's not a given that the Boston College offensive lineman will fall all the way down to the 27th spot in the draft, but it's certainly po sible. It's also po sible that the Buccaneers could trade up if he falls into a spot not too far from 27. In 2020, the Buccaneers had the 14th overall pick and they were eyeing . After the offensive tackle slid down the draft board to the 13th spot, the Buccaneers made a trade to move up one spot so they could grab him. If the Buccaneers decide to pick someone on the defensive side of the ball in the first round, Trapa so mentioned Gail Goodrich Jersey defensive tackles Devonte Wyatt (Georgia) and Matthew Butler (Tenne see) as po sible options.If you want to hear the draft needs for the other three teams in the NFC South along with the four teams in the AFC South, you'll have to listen to today's show, which . You . 2. Two more coaches join the Brian Flores lawsuitIt's been just over two months since Brian Flores over alleged racial discrimination in the league's hiring practices. Although Flores was the only minority head coach involved in the suit when it was initially filed, two : Steve Wilks and Ray Horton. The amended lawsuit also now names the , and as teams that are now being sued. When Flores originally filed the lawsuit on Feb. 1, the NFL, along with the , and were the entities being sued.Here's the latest on the lawsuit:Why Wilks put his name on the lawsuit. Wilks was fired after just one season with the Cardinals and he feels the firing was unjustified. In the lawsuit, Wilks in the 2018 NFL Draft so the Cardinals could select , but general manager Steve Keim shot that down. Arizona ended up sticking in the 10th spot and selecting . Not only did Wilks get stuck with Rosen, but Keim over a DUI arrest, so Wilks had Kyle Kuzma Jersey to run the team without a general manager. Basically, Keim got a DUI and made a horrible pick, but was able to keep his job in a year where the Cardinals ended up firing Wilks.Why Horton put his name on the lawsuit. The longtime defensive coach, who has never held a head-coaching job, believes he was part of a sham interview proce s with the Titans in 2016. The Titans ended up hiring Mike Mularkey after interviewing multiple people for the job, including Horton and Teryl Austin.Titans and NFL could get burned by one big piece of evidence. Horton's part of the lawsuit includes information from Mularkey, who eventually got the Titans job in 2016. In 2020, Mularkey said that he felt guilty about the way he got the job. "I allowed myself at one point when I was in Tenne see to get caught up in something I regret it and I still regret it," Mularkey said two years ago, . "But the ownership there, Amy Adams Strunk and her family, came in and told me I was going be the head coach in 2016 before they went through the Rooney Rule. And so, I sat there knowing I was the head coach Rajon Rondo Jersey in '16 as they went through this fake hiring proce s." The Titans that their hiring proce s was a sham, but when the guy who got hired thinks it was, that seems like a problem.Texans now named in lawsuit.Flores is now also suing the Texans. He believes the only reason they pa sed him over for their coaching job this year is due to the fact that he had just filed a lawsuit against the NFL. Flores was believed to be a finalist for the Texans' coaching job before the team shocked everyone by going with Lovie Smith, who had not previously been mentioned as a coaching candidate for the team.The additions of Horton and Wilks to the original lawsuit could definitely put the NFL in some hot water going forward. 3. takes a shot at the , thinks that could play five more yearsWith Rob Gronkowski mulling over NFL retirement right now, I can tell you that one thing he definitely hasn't retired from is doing interviews. Gronk joined "Jimmy Kimmel Elgin Baylor Jersey Live" this week and he had some very interesting things to day. Here are a few interesting nuggets from the interview:Gronk takes shot at Patriots. Kimmel and Gronk were talking about the fact that the tight end stayed on the field longer than he probably should have during a blowout 41-17 win over the in Week 18. Gronk wanted to keep playing so he could reach two contract incentives worth a total of $1 million, which he did end up hitting. Kimmel then asked Gronk if it was normal for a player to be able to stay in so they could hit their bonus. "Yes, I've seen it before actually. Not with the Patriots, though. I mean, they'll probably pull you before you hit that bonus there." Gronk then nervously laughed and followed up his comment by saying, "I shouldn't have said that." Basically, if you're near a contract bonus at the end of the season and you play for the Patriots, don't expect them to let you get it.Gronk thought Brady was going to take a year off. One other subject Kimmel touched on with Gronk was Brady's decision to come out of retirement. "I was not surprised at all," Gronkowski said of Brady's decision to