Topic: Jay Ajayi is the annual playoff particip

Jay Ajayi is the annual playoff particip

When you're scheduled to play the in the playoffs, chances are your offense is Oscar Fantenberg Women Jersey going to get le s attention than your opponent. is a multiple-time winner and probable future Hall of Famer. has been the best receiver in the league for the last few years. might just be the best player in football, period. Those guys are going to get all the shine. NFL playoffs That's exactly what's happened in the week leading up to the Steelers-Dolphins wild-card game this weekend, and running back is not happy about it. His team " ," he says, and that's not cool. "We hear a lot of talk about the other team and who they have and the players that they have," Ajayi said, . "And it's kind of Mario Kempe Men Jersey starting to get to me where you have to understand we have players too, you know? We have guys that are playing at a high level and are showcasing their abilities. And I think it's time people need to respect that we have players on our offense, too, and we can get some stuff done when we're on our game." So let's do Ajayi a solid and give him and the Dolphins offense some respect (and we'll have more on Saturday, as part of our ). Just in: Jay Ajayi is really good! He ran for 1,272 yards this season while making Tanner Pearson Men Jersey only 12 starts. He became the to run for 200-plus yards in consecutive games, then ran for 200-plus a third time later in the season. Among running backs with at least 100 carries, he led the in yards after contact per attempt, per Pro Football Focus. He also led all NFL running backs in broken tackles. is really good, too! He had 94 catches for 1,136 yards this season. In his first three years, he has 288 grabs for 3,051 yards. Nobody has ever had more than 288 catches in their first three NFL seasons. Only 20 players have had more than Tyler Toffoli Men Jersey 3,051 yards. There were 81 receivers that were on the field for at least 550 snaps this season; Landry ranked third among them in both broken tackles and yards after catch.And Miami's offensive line got after a slow start to the season! had some huge games! made some big plays down the field! was explosive when the Dolphins put the ball in his hands! looked competent filling in for ! It's just that none of these guys are, ya know, Roethlisberger, Brown, or Bell. So they don' Peter Budaj Kids Jersey t get quite as much attention. And really, that's OK. If the Dolphins beat the Steelers, plenty of people will be talking about Miami and its players.