Topic: Eli Manning gives the perfect response t

Eli Manning gives the perfect response t

A week before the take on the in Green Bay Josh Gordon Jersey in the wild-card round of the , and the Giants receivers and snap tople s photos on a boat.Proof:So OBJ, Sterling Shepard, Victor Cruz, and Roger Lewis flew to Miami last night, went clubbing, and are on a boat. Living life. Justin Witmondt (@JustinWitmondt) As expected, that story took off as some critics were bothered by the Giants receivers' decision to have fun on their day off, even though Ben McAdoo . So Juan Thornhill Jersey , on Tuesday, it was 's turn to weigh in. And he had the perfect response.One, Manning ripped his receivers ... for not packing shirts. Two, Manning joked that he actually took the photo. And three, he wasn't concerned by their Daniel Sorensen Jersey trip.Eli Manning was "a little disappointed" in photos of his WRs on a boat in Miami. "They didn't pack accordingly. They didn't have any shirts" Ralph Vacchiano (@RVacchianoSNY) More Eli Manning in Bieber-Gate: "I was Daniel Brown Jersey telling people I'm the one who took the picture. They just wouldn't let me in with my shirt off." Ralph Vacchiano (@RVacchianoSNY) Otherwise, no, Eli Manning seemed to have no i sue with his WRs partying this week in Miami with Bieber. Ralph Vacchiano Joshua Kaindoh Jersey (@RVacchianoSNY) Hopefully that ends the controversy. Players are people too and they get to enjoy their off days like we do. If the Giants lose to the Packers on Sunday, it won't be because of that trip to Miami. It'll be because has thrown 18 touchdowns and zero picks in his last seven games.