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DeAngelo Hall Redskins felt like the com

is finally free. On Tuesday, the franchise tag deadline came and went without Cousins getting tagged for the first time since 2015, which means he's free to leave in free agency later this month. In the aftermath of the ' acquisition of , So now, it's time to reflect on the Cousins era in Washington. On Tuesday, longtime Redskins defensive back appeared on SportsCenter, where he did some reflecting of his own. When he was asked about how the locker room felt about Cousins' commitment to the team, Hall admitted that they didn't feel like he was committed to them, but at the same time "We kind of felt like the commitment wasn't there from Kirk," Hall said. "We obviously wanted Kirk. We franchised him because we wanted him there. It was up to Miami Marlins Jersey ownership and the front office to kind of work those numbers out. They couldn't get the numbers worked out so he signed franchise tags those two football seasons. Everybody in that locker room was behind Kirk, we wanted him there, but we wanted to feel like he wanted to be there as well. Having played 14 years, I understand, 'Let's go get the money.' But at some point it has to be mutual interest from both parties to want to get better collectively as a team. Paying Kirk probably the $30 million he's going to get, JT Riddle Jersey we couldn't do that and get better as a football team." As Hall alluded to, nobody should blame Cousins for wanting to get paid. As a fourth-round pick, he didn't make much money from his rookie deal. per Spotrac. Most players try to avoid the franchise tag, but Cousins didn't cave when the Redskins tagged him in 2016 and 2017, betting on himself to play well under the short-term security of Lewis Brinson Jersey the franchise tag It worked. By playing under the franchise tag in back-to-back seasons, he's earned nearly $44 million and now he's set to hit free agency at the age of 29. Sure, Cousins wasn't fully committed to the Redskins. He was committed to himself. It works both ways. The Redskins weren't fully committed to him either. They too were acting in their own self interest, refusing to give him the lucrative long-term deal he's going to get in the coming weeks, seemingly thinking to themselves that there was no way Cousins would keep performing the way he did in 2015. Well, he did. And now, for the first time, he'll be free to commit to someone else for the long-term. That's "I think Kirk Cousins realized he was better than Robert Griffin III before the organization did," Hall told ESPN, according to "I think we took a little Andre Dawson Jersey too much in realizing how good he was. Then when it was time to really pay him, we kind of said, 'Hey, we want to see a little bit more.' And we did that, and then his numbers kind of went up. Then we said, 'Well, we still want to keep our long-term offer in this ballpark.' And he wanted a little more, so we said, 'All right, we'll franchise you again.' Finally, we just started getting a feeling as though, oh, maybe he really doesn't want to be here. He wanted to kind of pick his own destination, I felt like." So, Bryan Holaday Jersey where will he pick? according to CBS Sports Insider Jason La Canfora. Regardle s of the destination, . Our Joel Corry, a former sports agent, wrote that "a deal averaging $30 million per year with $100 million in overall guarantees where at least $65 million is fully guaranteed at signing isn't out of the question." "If you're just a quarterback away, you pay Kirk Cousins whatever he wants to get, because he will win for you," Hall said. Cousins is understandably excited. Next week is now officially the first time since 2007 that Ill be choosing where to play football. Im open to suggestions. Kirk Cousins (@KirkCousins8)