Topic: Broncos film review Jerry Jeudys breakou

Broncos film review Jerry Jeudys breakou

is starting to sizzle. The rookie wideout had the first 100-yard receiving game of his young career in Week 9 against the , and he's getting open like a seven-year veteran. What's funny Carlos Martinez Jersey is -- we all expected Jeudy to roast cornerbacks early on as a pro, but because of his relatively slow start, Jeudy was able to sneak up on most of us.Hilariously, too, Jeudy was far from perfect in Atlanta, yet still finished the game with seven receptions for 125 yards and a touchdown. Sure, he's spindly and won't box out NFL cornerbacks on a regular basis in those rebound situations down the field. But we're talking about the sharpest, route-running maestro to enter the league in at least five years with 4.45 speed who only turned 21 in April. And, it's a separation-based league now, remember that.Let's jump into Jeudy's effort, mostly working against Falcons cornerback on Sunday, in what I believe will be the contest we ultimately look back upon as Jeudy's jumping-off point in the NFL.On this deep over route early in the game, notice how rapidly Jeudy got a clean, inside release in the blink of an eye and, midway through the route, shifted to another gear to give even more space to throw him the football Giovanny Gallegos Jersey . Jerry Jeudys route-running explosion is freaky There was no chance of a jam at the line -- which is half the battle for youthful wideouts. And to go from a complete standstill to running e sentially at full speed in just a few strides is part of what made Jeudy such a productive player at Alabama and universally well-liked prospect during the pre-draft proce s.But that play wasn't the most impre sive showing of veteran-like nuance from the rookie against the Falcons. What I'm about to show you is unprecedented. I've legitimately never seen it during an NFL game before. In the fourth quarter, Jeudy ran a deep comeback down the right sideline, and midway through his route, he raised his hand to indicate it was a go ball. Nope. Slammed on the breaks, caught the football, and waltzed into the end zone Brett Cecil Jersey .Never seen this before. Awesome salesmanship from Jerry Jeudy Now, if you showed me that subtlety on a route run by Jerry Rice, Randy Mo s, Marvin Harrison, or, say, Terrell Owens, I wouldn't be surprised. But from a 21-year-old playing in his eighth NFL game? Unfathomable. But you can't always win strictly with explosion and twitchine s because, well, there are Randy Arozarena Jersey a lot of explosive, twitchy cornerbacks in the NFL. On his final catch of his breakout afternoon, Jeudy used two hesitation moves as he got vertical down the sideline. Couldn't get free. Lock decided to throw the ball anyway because, for burners, if you're even, you're leavin'. Jeudy put his in-route acceleration on display once again to generate last-second separation which allowed him to run underneath the football for a big play.Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Then find the football. Jerry Jeudys twitchine s was on full display against the Falcons. The trust the young quarterback had in his first-year receiver on that play is vital and should serve as a warning sign for cornerbacks. If Lock continues to let it rip in Jeudy's direction when he's not open by traditional standards but provides the speedster room to run down the football deep, Denver's 2020 first-round pick will become a multi-dimensional threat. He'll be able to win with route-running savvy on short and intermediate throw his 4.45 speed deep.The Broncos have been ravaged by injuries on both sides of the football this season, and while the playoffs Nolan Arenado Jersey aren't looking likely at 3-5, Denver absolutely can and should take positives from this season. A continually strengthening connection between Lock and Jeudy will go a long way toward this team taking a sizable step forward in 2021 and beyond.