Topic: 2017 NFL Draft Browns are reportedly tal

2017 NFL Draft Browns are reportedly tal

The 2017 NFL Draft is nearly here and the rumors and speculation are in full swing surrounding what could be a . More NFL Draft The are , one of which is probably coming from Yuli Gurriel Jersey the , who would theoretically be interested in moving up to get Mitchell Trubisky to fill the role of franchise quarterback. But it's not just the Titans getting calls. , the Browns have actually called four of the top eight teams in the draft about moving up. "The Browns, who also have that 12th overall pick, have called at least four teams in the top eight to investigate the po sibility of moving up, something that would probably be done on the clock when you know whether he's there or not," Silver reported Wednesday morning. " Carlos Correa Jersey So the question is, do they have the nerve to do that in real time and wait that long." But, as Silver pointed out, they might not nece sarily be negotiating with anyone other than ... themselves. One GM even told Silver that he thinks Trubisky would be there at No. 12 overall. "And the other question I'm trying to figure out is, are they bidding against themselves," Silver said. "I've talked to a couple of knowledgable GMs with other teams who said 'I don't think anybody else wants to take Houston Astros Jersey Mitchell Trubisky that high, I don't think this talk of trying to trade into that zone is legit. I believe they could probably stay at 12 and get Mitchell Trubisky.'" There's no chance the Browns will believe that last part. Trubisky is the top quarterback in this draft (at least on most boards) and is most likely going to be gone by the Tyler Clippard Jersey time the Browns pick at No. 12. If the Browns truly want to get him, they can't risk waiting until the No. 12 pick and hoping he lands there. If they're willing to lose him and have other guys on their board, that's totally different Jose Altuve Jersey . But there are enough quarterback-hungry teams that the Browns will have a difficult time getting away with simply sitting back and hoping both and Trubisky come to them. Smokescreen season is in full effect as we careen toward Thursday night in Philly.