History of Dinosaur game

History of Dinosaur game

Chrome has had a fun little Easter egg for a while now; if your internet connection drops while you're trying to load a website, you'll see a notice saying "Unable to connect to the Internet" or "No internet" with a little pixelated dinosaur next to it.
Some users presumably saw the dinosaur and thought it was a funny distraction while their Internet was out. Then, though, the space bar was pressed. And off ran the dinosaur.

A lot of people really enjoy this hidden gem. But what if you only want to play it when you're bored while online (caution: it's addictive)? This tutorial will teach you the ins and outs of playing the game both offline and online.

Playing the dinosaur game or Trex game without an internet connection
Chrome can be used even when the internet is down. Try opening any website with Chrome, or if you're already there. That dino will be right there next to the notification that says something went wrong.

To get the dinosaur to run, just press the space bar (or the up arrow). To avoid falling into pits or crashing into cacti, press the up arrow. Holding the up arrow causes the dinosaur to leap higher the longer you hold it.

Press the down arrow to quickly duck under an obstruction.
The longer you play, the more rapid Dino and the ground's movement become. When you run into an obstacle, the game is finished and you must start over (and your score will be reset as well). Pressing the space bar will restart the game.

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