Your first game and a solo development?

Your first game and a solo development?

You need to get a working game on screen as quickly as possible. Not an MVP. Not a vertical slice. You need the smallest possible piece of your core loop on screen.

You have a pretty solid idea. Stop. You don’t. You’ve got a couple of concepts and maybe some gameplay vignettes. Trash all that. Strip it way way way down.

If you are trying to make a shooter then just get something moving and animating on screen first. Then get a weapon in the game and make firing it fun.

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Character design? Level design/layout? Story? Fuck all that noise. If you start out trying to make those things then you get quickly lost in the weeds. I’ve watched a number of developers spin out and fail.

Take your core genre and just get the absolutely most basic thing working.

Then take your emotional atmospheric target and get it all working together. You might have two different first person games - one action and one tense survival. Guess what, the controls are different. The camera is different. Your movement speed is very different. Hell, your animations are different.

The reality is that the thing in your head isn’t ever going to really match the thing you are making. You need to keep your vision grounded is where the game is and react to how it feels and how things work together.

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