A Look at the Life of C Murder

A Look at the Life of C Murder

C Murder, born Corey Miller, is one of the most notorious rappers in hip-hop. He has been involved in some of rap’s most notorious beefs and legal issues. His life has been surrounded by scandal and he is best known for his turbulent relationships with his wife, Monica, and his longtime girlfriend Dione Miller. Let’s take a look at C Murder’s personal life and the events that have shaped it over the years.


C Murder's Relationship with Monica


C Murder began dating R&B singer Monica in 1998 while the two were still teenagers. The couple dated off and on for several years before splitting in 2004 after a tumultuous relationship. Although they are no longer romantically linked, C Murder still considers Monica to be a part of his family and she remains close to him even today.


C Murder's Relationship with Dione Miller and His Children


In 2004, C Murder married Dione Miller, who was also an R&B singer at the time. Together they had five children— four girls named Cicily, Shanae, Heaven Raelynn & Sierra Nicole; as well as one son named Corey Jr.—before divorcing in 2008. Despite their divorce, Dione and C remain close friends and she continues to raise their children together in Los Angeles where she currently resides.


The 2009 Conviction of C Murder for the Murder of Steve Thomas & His Current Sentence Serving


In 2009, C murder was convicted of second-degree murder for the 2002 shooting death of Steve Thomas outside a nightclub in Baton Rouge Louisiana. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole but his conviction was overturned by an appeals court due to jury misconduct. He is currently serving a sentence of 10 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to manslaughter charges in 2013.




The life of rapper C murder has been filled with scandal since he emerged on the hip hop scene back in 1998. From his tumultuous relationship with singer Monica to his highly publicized trial for second-degree murder, it seems like there has never been a dull moment for this controversial artist. Despite all this drama surrounding him, though, he manages to stay connected with those closest to him like his ex-wife Dione Miller and their five children from Los Angeles County which shows that even amidst adversity he can remain loyal and dedicated to what matters most—family.

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