April release: 

        • Show my last 3 (or more) entries on the side of the blog? [currently set to 5 entries]
        • When responding to a specific comment, include its title e.g. "Re: title..."
        • Allow you to add a calendar [in Silver and Gold, you may now choose the calendar template from the list of choices or, if using the Easy Template Designer, you can check the "Show calendar" box]
        • Add Last and First links after Next?
        • Suggest Blogit nicknames if the one you want is taken [available for new members during signup and for existing members on the Change Nickname page]
        • Change wording for when a credit card is declined
        • Remove Street 2 from billing address and check earnings request for US users? [actually changed Street 2 to Address Line 2 a la Amazon -- hope this is OK]
        • Popularity rank -- what is it question all the time (add a question mark icon so people can click on that to get the answer?)
        • [Not in list] To prevent spam, emails (both member-to-member emails and email-this-page emails) are now limited to 5 in a 24-hour period
        • [Not in list] Blogs are now displayed more quickly using new Microsoft technology
        • [Not in list] Nickname suggestion box uses friendlier Stop icon and red flags (instead of no icon and asterisks) for error messages; this could be rolled out to other Blogit pages and other sites
          New wording for credit card declined (a bit long): The billing address you entered is not the one on file with your credit card provider. Please check the address for typos or, if you've moved, try your previous mailing address. Or, check your last credit card statement or contact your credit card provider to confirm the address they have on file for you.
          Also, the current writer's account summary allows you to go back to previous months and see the earnings and referral bonuses for those months.
          The current writer's account summary actually looks a lot like this; it has a line item for each completed referral bonus (although it doesn't show the member nickname). The primary difference is that it doesn't show earnings to date and it doesn't show pending referral bonuses. I think we should probably show the pending referral bonuses separately, since they're not really part of the current monthly statement (unless the bonus is coming due this month).