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International Workshop on Development Issues 1-4 April 2009

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KIRAT is organizing an international workshop on Development Issues in Earthquake 2005 Affected Areas (EQAA) from 1-4 April 2009.


Architect Yasmeen Lari, Sitara-i-Imtiaz, Chair & CE, Heritage Foundation  

Dr. Azra Meadows. OBE. University of Glasgow, UK

Prof. Peter Meadows, Sitara-i-Quaid-i-Azam, University of Glasgow, UK




Introduction: Heritage Foundation and KIRAT

Heritage Foundation (HF), established in 1980 as a Lari family trust, is a Pakistan-based not-for profit social and cultural organization engaged in research, publication and conservation of Pakistan’s cultural heritage. HF is now incorporated under Section 42 of Companies Ordinance, 1984. Since 2000, HF’s outreach arm KaravanPakistan has involved communities and youth in heritage safeguarding activities in Pakistan.

As part of HF’s Heritage for Rehabilitation and Development programme, work on several projects has been undertaken for rehabilitation of communities, particularly women, affected by the 2005 Great Earthquake in Northern Pakistan. These are currently focused on rural communities in the Siran Valley.

In the Earthquake Affected Areas (EQAA), HF’s mission is to rebuild confidence, pride and ownership of the communities by restoring heritage assets, and maximizing effective use of natural resources through value added products. This also includes capacity building and enhancement of economic opportunities with particular emphasis on women’s empowerment.

KIRAT (KaravanPakistan Institute of Research & Training) has been established by Heritage Foundation with the objective of providing a platform for research and training into various aspects of the EQAA. KIRAT’s programmes are based around four thematic units: Cultural and Vernacular Heritage, Development, Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation, and Conservation and Sustainability. These thematic units include education and clean water initiatives.

April 2009 International Workshop

The proposed workshop is the first of a series of seminars and workshops. These are planned to develop collaborative linkages between the rural communities and educational and research institutions and experts at a local, national and international level.

The first workshop will aim to develop initiatives jointly with the Siran Valley rural communities that will promote the sustainable uplift of these communities, improve education especially for girls, and protect the Siran Valley’s unique biodiversity, ecology and cultural environment.

It will lay the foundations for joint research and training programmes working collaboratively with members of local communities. The visits to the field sites in the Siran valley will provide participants with an outstanding insight of the potential for working in these areas.


Topics for Discussion



Anthropology & Social Science

Primary Health Care

Natural hazards

Cultural Heritage





Day 1: Wednesday April 1, 2009

Arrival at Base Camp, Battal, Siran Valley


Workshop organisation


Day 2: Thursday April 2, 2009

Visits to village communities. Kodar and Jabbar


Day 3: Friday April 3, 2009

Morning: Brain storming

Afternoon: Plan of future action

Evening: Cultural Evening


Day 4: Saturday April 4, 2009

Final wrap up session.

Depart mid-day




KIRAT is planning to have several events during 2009 that will focus on different aspect of development needs in the Earthquake 2005 Affected Areas (EQAA). It also plans to hold several training programmes in order to reach out to communities, particularly women and children. The following is a preliminary schedule of events.

April 2009    International Workshop on Development Issues
May 2009    Architects' Workshop on Sustainable/Social Architecture
May 2009    Primary School Children Workshop- Mural Painting etc.
June 2009   Team Building Training Program for Corporate Executives
June 2009   Primary School Teachers' Workshop
July 2009    Handwashing & Hygiene Workshop for Community