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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Hazara University


Memorandum of Understanding


Hazara University, Mansehra and

Heritage Foundation


Hazara University, Mansehra and Heritage Foundation (HF) are signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaborative work to strengthen Tourism, Hospitality, Conservation and Culture in the Hazara region.

This partnership will work towards the following common objectives:

  • Promote conservation of cultural heritage (tangible, intangible, vernacular and natural assets) through cataloguing, documentation and restoration.
  • Promote sustainable tourism in the area by various means, including publications consisting of books, catalogues, reports, brochures, posters, cards and calendars etc.
  • Promote crafts and artefacts of the Hazara region through setting up crafts workshops and Ethnological Museum along with organizing displays and exhibitions.
  • Help in creating new job opportunities, businesses and marketing opportunities for indigenous products.
  • Create awareness in the community and general public of the tourist potential of the area; develop and promote local tracks, tours and camp sites.
  • Improve infrastructure (e.g. transport, accommodation, public utilities) that supports local communities.
  • Protect the natural environment (flora and fauna) by focusing on environmental conservation.
  • Undertake research, training, conferences and seminars to fulfil the objectives of joint programmes.


  • Provide  training, research, short courses and facilities to all participants in joint programs; establish training and information centres at selected destinations
  • Support the management and running of HF projects, e.g. Craft Workshops, Ethnological Museum, and any other for mutual benefit.
  • Strengthen partnership links through collaborative research



HF’s subsidiary organization KaravanPakistan Institute of Research and Training (KIRAT), will be the focal organisation for carrying out the work.

  • Facilitate outreach into the communities for fieldwork
  • Provide training and research facilities to staff and students at its base camp and other selected areas.
  • Identify areas for research and study to be undertaken for common projects by participants

Details of the programs will be worked out in meetings between Hazara University, Mansehra and HF to be held on mutually convenient dates.

In all joint events and publications resulting from this partnership the standard logos of Hazara University Mansehra and HF will be featured.

This memorandum of understanding will come into effect on signature by both parties on the date set out below.






(Prof. Dr. Ihsan Ali)                                                   (Arch. Yasmeen Lari)

Vice Chancellor, Chair and CE,                                Heritage Foundation

Hazara University, Mansehra 



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