Get Involved - Ways to Help

Sale of Items

Craft Items
Help can also be provided by finding out ways to market the handcrafted ‘Destiny Bracelet’ and other Destiny Beads products by women of Kodar, in the earthquake area. Any help in marketing craft products provides support to marginalized sections of society, thus helping them to help themselves.

Makai Tandoori Naan
Linkages are being sought to market Makai Tandoori Naan (Corn bread) made of local maize ground in watermills and baked in earth ovens (tandoor). Through hygiene workshops and especially constructed kitchens, women of the area are continuing to make this speciality under strict hygienic conditions. The naan is vacuum packaged and pasteurized for marketing purposes.

Fund Raising

Funds for Specific Activities

Although we have no set mechanism for fund raising; however, many organizations and friends have helped us at times of need. We have been particularly fortunate in receiving help for our work in the Earthquake area.

Any units that are sponsored will be branded with the name of the donor and information and photographs of the beneficiary will be provided.

Funding is being sought for the following further activities:

  • Two-chamber Household Bathrooms                           Rs. 12,000/unit
    to be branded with the name of the donor
  • Household Kitchen                                                  Rs. 56,000/unit
    to be branded with the name of the donor
  • Household herb/vegetable patch size 10'x10'               Rs.  5,000 each
    to be marked with the name of the donor
  • Solar Dehydrators for drying vegetables/fruit               Rs.  5,000 each
    to be marked with the name of the donor
  • Reforestation: unit of 100 trees                                Rs. 10,000/unit
    Each unit patch marked with donor's name
  • Suzuki Ambulance with 1 year expenses                     Rs. 600,000/unit
    to be marked with the donor's name

Sponsorships in kind are required for the following:

  • Computers and Teaching Aids
  • Printers for Schools and Resource Centre
  • Library Books
  • Primary Healthcare Equipment

KaravanPakistan Institute of Research and Training (KIRAT) needs support for the following training programmes:

  • Women's Empowerment and Entrepreneurship
  • Literacy and Education
  • Primary Health and Hygiene
  • Post-graduate Fellowships
  • KIRAT-LARI Endowment Fund

Summer Camps

Community Work
Heritage Foundation has set up summer camps in the earthquake area in the past which were attended by students and faculty of national and international universities. In Summer 2009, it is intended to set up a summer camp near our camp office in Chattar. The objective is to enable university students, interested in helping in the work in Earthquake Area and carry out documentation of various aspects of the valleys, in order to develop a greater understanding of the area’s culture and heritage through community interaction.


The volunteers work being carried out consists of the following:

Heritage Cleaning in Karachi 
    Organizing groups of school children 
    Organizing groups of college-level students

Work in Earthquake Area
    Heritage Safeguarding 
    Summer internships for teaching primary school children
    Conducting performing and/or creative arts workshops for school children/women.