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Pro-poor Sustainable Tourism

Earthquake Area Heritage Retreats (EAHR)

The earthquake area has the potential to draw a large number of visitors who may be motivated by sympathy, at the same time to savour the stunning scenic beauty and unique cultural and heritage assets – all of which could be utilized effectively for economic growth & development, job creation, social cohesion and fostering pride and ownership in order to achieve long term rehabilitation of affected communities.

The EARTHQUAKE AREA HERITAGE RETREATS (EAHR) is designed as community-based sustainable tourism initiative in order to maximize the heritage potential of the area for poverty alleviation and community empowerment including marginalized vulnerable groups and women.


Acquisition of 6 acres land and House
at Base Camp for Setting up                                             Heritage Foundation

Tent Accommodation with Bathrooms                                 Nokia-NSN

Research/Scholar's Houses                                               Nokia-NSN

Reception & Products Outlet at Karakoram Highway               Nokia-NSN

Heritage Program

Among the main objectives of the program are preserving and enhancing the heritage of local areas in order to restore community pride and confidence in traditional value systems and vernacular technologies. This ethos continues to be reinforced through short and long term activities.

Heritage Inventory


Inventory of Heritage Assets of         Compiled by KaravanPakistan 
the Siran Valley                              Program for Indigenous 
                                                   Technology (KAPIT)

Document: National Register of         Printing supported by Nokia-NSN
Historic Places of Pakistan                                                                 

Heritage Museum 2008-2009

Construction of
Heritage Museum Jabbar                 Nokia-NSN

Heritage Safeguarding

Cleaning of Ancient                        Hazara University students
Graveyard, Jabbar                          led by Columbia University (USA)

Cleaning Graveyard Stones              Students of Primary School, Jabbar

Environmental Conservation


Among the most critical long term needs are conservation of forests and water sources. The felling of trees over the last years resulted in large number of casualties during the earthquake because of lack of forest cover. Most areas in the Siran Valley suffer from large-scale landslides which, in addition to being extremely dangerous, result in blocking of access roads, thus cutting off the communities for several weeks at a time.

Plantation of 15,000 saplings                         Nokia-Nokia Siemnes Partnership

Plantation of 15,000 saplings                        Nokia-Nokia Siemnes Partnership

Plantation of 3,000 saplings                          Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad, Singapore University
                                                               with Brig. Yasub Dogar

Women's Empowerment

Destiny Bead Products
Nokia-Karavan Craft Centres (NKCC)

Establishment of 50 NKCC

Assistance in sales of Destiny Bracelets        Nokia
                                                             Justice (retd.) Nasira Iqbal
                                                             Prof. Sajida Vandal
                                                             Hum TV
                                                             FM 101

Destiny Kitchen Construction Programme

Kitchens 1-50                                          Nokia-NSN & I-Led CNFA


Social and Physical Infrastructure

Two-Chamber Household Bathrooms Construction 2008-2009

  • 2008
    No. 1-130                Nokia-NSN
    No. 131                   Ms. Khurshid Singh, London
    No. 132                   Drs. Azra and Peter Meadows, University of 
  • 2009
    No. 133-134            Drs. Azra and Peter Meadows, University of 
                                 Glasgow (under construction)
    No. 135                  Ms. Margaret
    (under construction)

Primary School Construction 2006-2008

  • Primary School at Kodar                      Sponsored by Nokia-Nokia Siemens Network
    Classes Started in September 2007
  • Primary School at Haier Paein               Sponsored by Pakistan State Oil
    Classes started in November 2007
  • Primary School at Aahl                        Sponsored by Pakistan State Oil
    Classes started in August 2008     

Community Centre Construction 2007-2008    

  • Community  Centre at Jabbar               Sponsored by Nokia-Nokia Siemens Network
    Building completed in November 2008

Mountain Pathways  2007-2008

  • Mountain Pathways in Jabbar 3 km           Nokia-Nokia Siemens Network
  • Mountain Pathwyas in Kodar 5 km            Nokia-Nokia Siemens Network


We are grateful to all our sponsors, donors and friends, who have provided invaluable support at all times of the work carried out in Earthquake 2005 Affected Areas. After the initial work carried out during the emergency phase when over 1150 emergency units were built, community development programme has been taken up for long term rehabilitation of the people affected by the massive calamity.

The work that has been carried out since 2005 consists of the following:

  • Social Infrastructure
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Heritage Programme
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Pro-poor Sustainable Tourism