I am listening to Ted Koppel delare that professional jouirnalism is dying in America in the tsunami of sensational entertainment "news" and the wake of the financial disaster for traditional news outlets like newspapers and news departments at TV netrworks.

Peopla want what they want, and they want "popcorn", not vitamins and veggies and meat, for their daily news fix.

Hoggit synergy "critical mass"

Hoggit needs writers and photographers!

Writers and photographers need Hoggit!

At what point does a website achieve "critical mass" and spontaneous participation and interaction take over? How dependent upon the character (or "online persona") of the participants is this synergistic burst, versus how facile is the Internet "platform" or how attractive its graphics and layout are? Etc etc.

Here's our chance to find out. Jump in. Post and read and react and share!